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IT’S OFFICIAL! La Niña Is Back!

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La Niña winter at Great Canadian Heli-Skiing! Guest Kasper getting DEEP. Notice how light the snow is? Just one of the advantages of heliskiing in the interior! Photo by Head Guide Greg Golovach.

According to the National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center, skiers and snowboarders’ favourite weather system is back! For a while we’ve been saying that it was looking like being another La Niña and now it’s official. The reason it’s worth mentioning again is that last winter was just EPIC! We received copious amounts of snow, yet the snowpack was incredibly stable. Notre Guide en chef, Greg Golovach, was saying that he and his team of highly experienced guides were able to take guests to phenomenal runs that haven’t been skied in years!

Sounds awesome right? THEN DON’T MISS OUT THIS YEAR!!

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The Climate Prediction Center claims “The better model performance, combined with the historical tendency for significant La Niña episodes (as in 2010-11) to be followed by relatively weaker La Niña episodes, leads to increased confidence that La Niña will persist into the winter. While it is not yet clear what the ultimate strength of this La Niña will be, La Niña conditions have returned and are expected to gradually strengthen and continue into the Northern Hemisphere winter 2011-12″ (source: El Niño/Southern Oscillation (Enso) Diagnostic Discussion). Yahooo!

IF YOU HAVE BEEN THINKING OF HELISKIING THIS IS THE WINTER TO DO IT. Won’t you be kicking yourself this time next year if you are reading the latest ski/board magazines looking at all the powder filled photos of this winter and you didn’t join us?? In anticipation of a big snow year, our bookings are the strongest that they have ever been (for real…we’re up 53% over this time last year!). With our super flexible start dates (i.e. your trip can start on ANY day of the week), we will do everything we can to get you a spot with us this winter. Give Deane a call (North America: 1.866.424.4354, International: +1.250.344.2326) ou courriel to see if we are able to find you a seat in the heli!


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Good news for Americans… the Canadian Dollar has weakened considerably against the greenback. Back in July it cost $1.06 USD for $1 CAD dollar, but at the moment Americans only need $0.94-$0.96 for $1 CAD, which means a trip to Great Canadian Heli-Skiing is now roughly 10% CHEAPER than if you paid in July! If the upcoming powder-filled La Niña winter isn’t enough to convince you to book, how about all that powder AND around $1,100 off on a 6 day trip compared to back in July?! THIS IS THE WINTER!!


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At Great Canadian we are blessed with awesome heliskiing conditions, though we are unable to control them. One thing we can control is our standard of service. Being a successful, family-owned business enables us to provide a very personalised experience that you might not find at a large, corporate organisation. Speaking to our guests, we had many requests for a sauna.

So we have listen and this winter we will have one!! It’s a Barrel Sauna made of Tight Knot Western Red Cedar, similar to the one in the photos. It will be 16 feet long (12 foot sauna, 4 foot changing room) and 8 feet in diameter. It can comfortably accommodate 8 people at any one time. It will be heated by a 10kw Heater with Digital Controls. There will be 2 ‘Port Hole’ windows in the rear of the barrel which might provide light at the start of the season, but will no doubt be covered as the snow starts piling up again this winter! The sauna will be located just steps away from the lodge, roughly halfway between the lodge and our on-site helipads.