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Milking the Photoshoot!

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Great Canadian hosted pro-skiers Daryl Treadway and Leah Evans to do a photo-shoot with photographer Jordan Manley and videographer Jamie Bond of the freeskiing web-magazine last winter. Here’s a great summary from Jamie at DogLotion (reprinted from the DogLotion article).

December 2010 was the 3rd snowiest on record for some of us out on the BC coast, making it tough for anyone to leave for the holidays. Oddly enough, we didn’t have the slightest problem leaving, but it might have had something to do with helicopters, fresh pow and king crab legs waiting for us on the other side of Rogers Pass. Yep – Great Canadian Heli-Skiing delivered once again.

The Crew in the A-Star B2 Helicopter

Arriving from all angles, myself, Jordan Manley, Daryl Treadway, and Leah Evans all converged upon Heather Mountain Lodge and called it home for the final days of 2010. And why wouldn’t we? Cool staff, the best steak I’ve had in years, hot tubbin’, and a helicopter in our front yard. Too bad we couldn’t call it home forever.

Heli Ski Guide Rob with Daryl Treadway and Leah Evans

But we weren’t just there to stuff our faces (well I wasn’t anyway), we were on a mission to find some sunshine and pow, and photo-document the high alpine radness that Great Canadian has in their tenure. Conditions for the first 2 days were a little bit ‘milkbird’, but I could care less, knowing that Great Canadian’s sub-alpine burnt tree and pillow skiing is really where it’s at. And boasting a 98% fly day percentage, we knew we’d be up in the bird either way… even hanging out of it at one point (wait for the photos in next year’s magazines, crossing fingers).

Daryl Treadway getting over the head shots!

For day 3 the weather went crispy cold and clear, so it was time to pitter patter and get on at’er. We hadn’t seen the alpine on our last trip to the region, so jaws were dropping and cameras were clicking as we buzzed through the tenure. Avalanche conditions weren’t dreamy enough for us to head for the big lines, but the flight left plenty to my imagination for next time… and the next time. Instead we hit some mellower pow and milked it the only way we know how, faceshot after faceshot. It turns out -20 ain’t that bad when the sun’s out and your skiing pow, and you can always break dance until the heli shows up. Right Leah?

We found the pow, saw the peaks, devoured steak and crabs, and ended 2010 in style. Mission accomplished? I think so, now we’ll just wait till fall to see if the images in print are as good as the ones in my head.

Ready to watch the video?

IT’S OFFICIAL! La Niña Is Back!

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La Niña winter at Great Canadian Heli-Skiing! Guest Kasper getting DEEP. Notice how light the snow is? Just one of the advantages of heliskiing in the interior! Photo by Head Guide Greg Golovach.

According to the National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center, skiers and snowboarders’ favourite weather system is back! For a while we’ve been saying that it was looking like being another La Niña and now it’s official. The reason it’s worth mentioning again is that last winter was just EPIC! We received copious amounts of snow, yet the snowpack was incredibly stable. Our Head Guide, Greg Golovach, was saying that he and his team of highly experienced guides were able to take guests to phenomenal runs that haven’t been skied in years!

Sounds awesome right? THEN DON’T MISS OUT THIS YEAR!!

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Combo Resort+Heli+Catskiing – Private Heliskiing

The Climate Prediction Center claims “The better model performance, combined with the historical tendency for significant La Niña episodes (as in 2010-11) to be followed by relatively weaker La Niña episodes, leads to increased confidence that La Niña will persist into the winter. While it is not yet clear what the ultimate strength of this La Niña will be, La Niña conditions have returned and are expected to gradually strengthen and continue into the Northern Hemisphere winter 2011-12″ (source: El Niño/Southern Oscillation (Enso) Diagnostic Discussion). Yahooo!

IF YOU HAVE BEEN THINKING OF HELISKIING THIS IS THE WINTER TO DO IT. Won’t you be kicking yourself this time next year if you are reading the latest ski/board magazines looking at all the powder filled photos of this winter and you didn’t join us?? In anticipation of a big snow year, our bookings are the strongest that they have ever been (for real…we’re up 53% over this time last year!). With our super flexible start dates (i.e. your trip can start on ANY day of the week), we will do everything we can to get you a spot with us this winter. Give Deane a call (North America: 1.866.424.4354, International: +1.250.344.2326) or email to see if we are able to find you a seat in the heli!