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Toutes les opérations de ski héliporté garantissent un certain nombre de mètres verticaux. Chez Great Canadian, nous offrons une bonne quantité de vertical (p.ex. 30,500 m/100,000pi pour un séjour d'une semaine).


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Great Canadian HeliSki Is Like A Porsche…

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Gentlemen (and ladies), start your engines!

There are some similarities between heli-skiing and car racing. They both involve a huge adrenalin rush and fast, sexy, aerodynamic machines!

Harry's Porsche Sponsored by Great Canadian Heli-Skiing

Harry's Porsche Sponsored by Great Canadian HeliSkiing

Racing his Porsche and heli-skiing at Great Canadian are both passions of Al “Harry the Dreamer” Tiley. Despite living minutes from Alta Ski Area in Utah, famous for its dry powder, Harry often heads north to come heli-skiing with us ….sometimes making a couple trips in 1 winter such is his passion.

Great Canadian Héli-Ski (GCH) has teamed up with Harry to sponsor his race car! This past weekend Harry and his GCH Porsche won the MPRA Driver Championship in Utah, although it was no walk in the park! On the first day of the 2 day championship Harry said “I got bumped from behind entering turn 1 (at about 165 MPH) and ended up spun into the infield. The entire field passed me by, I got back on the track and started driving…hard…Sally (his wife) watched the video, laughed through the whole thing and called it a “driving rampage”. We were able to pick off 12 cars and finished 6th…not enough points for the championship”. This meant Harry need a much better finishing position on Day 2 to win the overall Driver Championship…….the pressure was on!

To make it even more challenging for Harry, il “was the return of 3 professional drivers from the IMSA Patron, American LeMans and Grand Am series that pretty much were a lock on the first 3 finishing positions. I need a 4th place finish to win the championship and made sure I laid back in Sundays start to ensure I did not have any more turn 1 issues. Anyhow, I let about 6 cars by on Sunday’s start then once turn 1 was over, we set about to getting by all of them. We finished 4th, got the points and won the Driver Championship!” WAY TO GO HARRY!

Nice heliskiing product placement!
Nice heliskiing product placement!

Next race for Harry is this coming weekend for the Porsche Rennsport Reunion IV at the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Monterey California. This will be the 1st time the event, which happens every 3 years, is being held on the West Coast.

The owners of Great Canadian Heli-Skiing, Greg et Maaike Porter, will be at the race cheering on Harry and his GCH Porsche!

Harry the Dreamer on heli-skiing and car racing: “The snow was magic, the guides did their usual awesome job, flying was too cool as always and the food simply the best AND…we skied 175,000 vertical feet in 6 days of nonstop deep stuff. I should mention that we have had a total of 3 hours downtime in 40 plus days at GCH. I ski Alta Utah roughly 80 days a year and I always get my fair share of the goods. People ask me why go heliskiing when you have what you’ve got at home. I tell them all that Alta is like driving a great sports car on a mountain road, GCH is like racing a Porsche race car on a great road racing track…amp it up!

Harry's Porsche Sponsored by Great Canadian HeliSkiing

Harry ripping up the track in his Great Canadian HeliSkiing Porsche


Do you have a cool race car, motorbike, yacht, etc. and would like to have a cool sponsor? If so, drop us a line!

When Is The Best Time To Go Heli-Skiing?

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When is the best time to come heliskiing in British Columbia, Canada? C'est facile: EN TOUT TEMPS!

Au cours de l'hiver, nous vivons tous les types de temps et conditions de neige. We are lucky to have vast heliski tenure in both the Selkirk Mountains and Purcell Mountains which gives us the ability to find the best conditions for you.

Tout le monde a son idée des meilleures conditions, et tout le monde est différent. Un skieur radical peut penser que les meilleures conditions pour lui sont de la poudreuse profonde dans une pente raide. Pour quelqu'un d'autre, sa référence peut être de descendre sans se presser en appréciant le joli panorama. At Great Canadian Héli-Ski, we can cater for all desires which is much easier to accomplish in Small Groups!

The table below highlights when to come heliskiing if you prefer certain types of conditions. Ces notes peuvent aider à optimiser les conditions que vous préférez. Rappelez-vous: ce sont des notes d'orientation et ne sont que ça. Si vous voulez du ciel bleu tous les jours et que le meilleur temps est en avril, c'est quand même possible qu'il neige, tous les jours! Il ne s'agit que d'indications générales.

Month Most Likely To Have The Desired Conditions

Ce mois peut aussi avoir ces conditions

Poudreuse profonde Décembre & janvier


Poudreuse Décembre, janvier, février

mars & Avril – Il y neige pas mal encore, mais pas aussi fréquemment qu'en début de saison, mais lorsqu'il neige, c'est souvent une grosse accumulation pendant la nuit!

Souvent ensoleillé Fin février, mars & avril


Skier en alpin mars & avril


poudreuse et ensoleillé février & début mars

janvier & mars

ski de sous-bois Décembre, janvier, février

début mars

pentes raides Décembre, janvier, Février – plus long, descentes soutenues dans de belles clairières.

mars & Avril – plus court, pentes raides en alpin.

Taux saisonniers – Si votre choix de dates dépend de votre budget, la saison basse va de décembre à mi-janvier et fin mars à avril. Plus sur nos tarifs, à la page site internet.

GCH Teams Up With A Snow Safety Industry Leader

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One of Great Canadian Heli-Skiing’s Lead Guides and our Operations Manager, Rob Dalinghaus, spent a fair bit of time researching the various types of avalanche transceivers on the market today.

Rob knew that the ideal choice would be a beacon that was very accurate, yet simple to use. To that end, he opted for the Tracker2 from Backcountry Access. The Tracker2 actually has THREE antenna, making searching that much faster and accurate.

Backcountry Access are renowned leaders and pioneers in snow safety. En fait, they spend more money on research than they do on marketing their products! Like here at Great Canadian, safety is the #1 priority at Backcountry Access before anything else. BCA supply many reputable heli-skiing operations and ski patrols with their safety products.

For technical details on the Tracker2, go ici