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Toutes les opérations de ski héliporté garantissent un certain nombre de mètres verticaux. Chez Great Canadian, nous offrons une bonne quantité de vertical (p.ex. 30,500 m/100,000pi pour un séjour d'une semaine).


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What Is A Good Way To Spend Some Quality Family Time, But Still Seems ‘Cool’ To The Kids?

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The Thornton family enjoying some (snow) quality time!

Families enjoy heliskiing at Great Canadian Heli-Skiing

héli-ski bien sûr! Every winter we have families that heliski with us and have a blast. Taking your teenagers heliskiing might make them think you really are cool after all! One of the great things about heli-skiing with us is our small groups format of 4 guests plus a highly trained and qualified guide. This works well as often the group will just be your family. This enables you to go at whatever pace you wish… if you have a family of rippers you can bomb it all day long or if you have less experienced family members you can take your time, enjoy your surroundings and take nice scenic family photos.

Woah! Guests Said What About Us?

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Are you trying to decide which heliskiing operation to choose? Do we sound all the same after awhile?? Bien, here’s what people who have been heli skiing in Canada with us have said:

“Other than the vertical illimité, the convenience of the location, petits groupes, A Star helicopters…..what can I say? I have heli-skied all over Canada at various operations over the last 23 years. What it all comes down to for me is DID I HAVE FUN? Undeniably, at GCH, I can answer that question with a yes every time! I want to leave at the end of a trip tired, but happy, and with the desire to come back. All four trips I had with your operation this year, I had a blast, and that is the bottom line. What defined a perfect winter for me this year was what took place on my skis; GCH made that happen. I will be back, and I can’t wait”! Tom, Reno, Nevada.

“After skiing 11 weeks with various heli-skiing companies over the past ten years, I now ski exclusively with Great Canadian. Everything there is first-class: Terrain, guides, weather, helicopter, food. Why would I go elsewhere?” Jon, Seattle, Washington.

Photo: Jordan Manley

“Bien, I’m up to 40 some odd days at GCH in the last 4 years and as I was driving in for my last week I was thinking “man you are a creature of habit going to the same heli operation time after time; maybe you should try someplace new next time”. By lunch on the first day I dismissed that thought. By the end of the week, I was signed up for another trip. The snow was magic, the guides did their usual awesome job, flying was too cool as always and the food simply the best. AND… we skied 175,000 vertical feet in 6 days of non stop deep stuff. I should mention that we have had a total of 3 hours downtime in 40 plus days at GCH. I ski Alta Utah roughly 80 days a year and I always get my fair share of the goods. People ask me why go heli skiing when you have what you’ve got at home. I tell them all that Alta is like driving a great sports car on a mountain road, GCH is like racing a Porsche race car on a great road racing track… amp it up!” Harry the Dreamer, SLC, Utah.

“Enjoyed how well my family fit into your operation. We were well taken care of from guides giving safety number 1 (priority) to Terry and Julian giving ski tips on how to ski the snow. We had great family time with you. I do enjoy skiing with other skiers and making new friends. I have been in the 405 helicopter with small groups at another heli operation and felt we didn’t mix much with other guests”. Tom, St Paul, Minnesota.

“Was very impressed with the guides. Very clear they take a continuous improvement attitude to their work and have a high level of mutual respect. I appreciated learning about slope cutting and avalanche risk management. Guides clearly take an “owners’ attitude” to the slopes (cutting branches etc., improving the runs) Impressed with how long they have been with the operation. Speaks well of your org!” Don, Calgary, Alberta.

Photo: Alison Dakin

“The experience was GREAT as always. The company was named appropriately. I really enjoy the time I have spent with everyone at Great Canadian. Everyone treats you like a friend, they know your name, ask about your family, and provide an excellent time. The skiing was great – 3 bluebird days and one light snow day. I made new friends and had a tremendous time with my group. I really like the 4 day trip (with vertical illimité). Danny, Boulder, Colorado.

Sauna Update – It’s In!!

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You beauty the new sauna is in place! Chef Dan and maintenance men Todd and Tom have put our new Tight Knot Western Red Cedar outdoor sauna together!

Here’s some photos of their progress. Imagine after a few snowfalls and the snow starts to encase the sauna: it will look awesome.

Here’s a write up about the sauna that we posted earlier:

At Great Canadian we are blessed with awesome heliskiing conditions, though we are unable to control them. One thing we can control is our standard of service. Being a successful, family-owned business enables us to provide a very personalised experience that you might not find at a large, corporate organisation. Speaking to our guests, we had many requests for a sauna.

So we have listen and this winter we will have one!! It’s a Barrel Sauna made of Tight Knot Western Red Cedar, similar to the one in the photos. It will be 16 feet long (12 foot sauna, 4 foot changing room) and 8 feet in diameter. 309155_10150273029543590_351514408589_7822496_1446307_n.jpg (186×139)It can comfortably accommodate 8 people at any one time. It will be heated by a 10kw Heater with Digital Controls. There will be 2 ‘Port Hole’ windows in the rear of the barrel which might provide light at the start of the season, but will no doubt be covered as the snow starts piling up again this winter! The sauna will be located just steps away from the lodge, roughly halfway between the lodge and our on-site helipads.