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SNOWING! And Can You Relate To These Guys?

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IT’S SNOWING AS I TYPE!! We have a snowfall advisory for our region over the next couple of days..yessss!

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Winter is well and truly here. We’ve had lots of snow in town (Golden, C.-B.) and there’s at least a 143 cm (56 in) base in our mountains! We are stoked!

For the latest photos and info on conditions, check out our Blog and Facebook page (you don’t need to be a Facebook user to see our photos):
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/GreatCanadianHeliSkiing
Heliskiing Blog: http://canadianheli-skiing.com/blog

Are YOU stoked for this winter? What type of heliskier, or prospective heliskier, are you? Can you relate to any of our guests below?


Heliski pro Dan Treadway skiing a pillow line at Great Canadian Heli-Skiing

Advanced skiers who come heli skiing with Great Canadian love our pillow lines!

Client: Harry the Dreamer from Salt Lake City, Utah
Short Bio: You would have already “met” Harry as he is the owner and driver of the Great Canadian Porsche! In addition to cars, Harry has a huge passion for skiing and is a hardcore skibum, racking up lots of days on his skis.

“Bien, I’m up to 40 some odd days at GCH in the last 4 years and as I was driving in for my last week I was thinking “man you are a creature of habit going to the same heli operation time after time; maybe you should try someplace new next time”. By lunch on the first day I dismissed that thought. By the end of the week, I was signed up for another trip. The snow was magic, the guides did their usual awesome job, flying was too cool as always and the food simply the best. AND… we skied 175,000 vertical feet in 6 days of non-stop deep stuff. I should mention that we have had a total of 3 hours downtime in 40 plus days at GCH. I ski Alta Utah roughly 80 days a year and I always get my fair share of the goods. People ask me why go heli skiing when you have what you’ve got at home. I tell them all that Alta is like driving a great sports car on a mountain road, GCH is like racing a Porsche race car on a great road racing track… amp it up!”.

Heliskiing for First Timers and Families

Client: Tom and family from St Paul, Minnesota
Short Bio: Tom’s a ski instructor who joined us with his wife and 2 kids and found heli-skiing to be a great family activity.

“Enjoyed how well my family fit into your operation. We were well taken care of from guides giving safety number 1 (priority) to Terry and Julian giving ski tips on how to ski the snow. We had great family time with you. I do enjoy skiing with other skiers and making new friends. I have been in the 405 helicopter with small groups at another heli operation and felt we didn’t mix much with other guests (as we do in the A-Stars that Great Canadian uses)”.

Concerned About Safety?

Heliski guide checking snow stability for safe heli skiing in CanadaHeliski guide checking snow stability using a Rutschblock test.

Client: Don, Calgary, Alberta
Short Bio: Don regularly heliskis with us, often several times a season. As a father and successful businessman, he likes how our guiding team manages the risks.

“Was very impressed with the guides. Very clear they take a continuous improvement attitude to their work and have a high level of mutual respect. I appreciated learning about slope cutting and avalanche risk management. Guides clearly take an “owners’ attitude” to the slopes (cutting branches etc., improving the runs) Impressed with how long they have been with the operation. Speaks well of your org!”.

Busy Business Person On A Tight Schedule Type Skier/Boarder?

Client: Jeff S, Manhattan Beach, California
Short Bio: Jeff has been heli skiing for over a decade at other operations and 3 years ago was told by a friend he should check us out (thanks Richard R in Toronto!). Since then he has stuck with us! He realised that one of our big advantages is our convenient location, as well as the fact we have the most flexibility of any operation and that guest can start with us on ANY day of the week, for any 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or more days duration.

“This is my 13th heli-skiing trip. J'en ai fait avec tous les grands opérateurs et lundi dernier chez Great Canadian était le meilleur de tous. I love the fact that it’s so easy to get there and they were extremely flexible in creating a package I wanted”.


Head Helicopter Skiing guide Greg Golovach of Great Canadian Heli-SkiingHead Heliski Guide Greg “GG” Golovach

Happy 50th birthday to Head Guide Greg Golovach from the rest of the team at Great Canadian! We are extremely lucky to have had “GG” guiding for us for almost half of those 50 years. He has created an amazing guiding team with a HUGE amount of experience and a safety record that is VERY impressive.

I’m sure I know what GG would like for his birthday: another HUGE (and safe) snow year. Happy birthday GG!!


We are excited by all the snow and our awesome new sauna. Judging by our Facebook fans comments, so are our guests! Here are some recent photos of the sauna at our heliskiing lodge.

Sauna Sauna makes a great apres heliskiing activity at Great Canadian Heli-Skiing


Cool New Logo Wear!

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Check out some of our new products! Our Business Manager Deane, Head Chef Dan and Lodge Manager Carrie are modelling new jackets from Arctyrx (the Atom) and our very cool Buffs (ie neck gaitors). All can be purchased from our retail shop!

More New Cool Sauna Photos!

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We are excited by all the new snow and our cool new sauna. And judging by our Facebook fans comments, so are our guests!

Here’s some new photos of the sauna at our heliskiing lodge.

New sauna at our heliskiing lodge in BC

New sauna at our heliskiing lodge in BC