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Vous aller AIMER skier en petits groupes! La nouvelle vague héli-ski est de skier en hélicos rapides, et agiles en petits groupes plus intimes. Essayer petit, c'est l'adopter!


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héli-ski: it’s worth it!

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Just came across an article from the Vancouver Sun about ski héliporté. The writer gives a nice description on why you should go heliskiing in Canada despite any financial or ability inhibitions you may have. However we had to laugh with the choice of photos….the article is about heliskiing around Whistler, yet they use a photo shot with us (Great Canadian Héli-Ski) which is about 9 hours inland (drier snow!). :)

Here’s the article: http://www.vancouversun.com/travel/Heli+skiing+worth/5859792/story.html

Foot Of Fresh Powder In Time For Heli Skiing in BC?

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SNOW! The forecast is calling for almost a FOOT of new snow by tomorrow night! The cool thing with the heli skiing forecast on snow-forecast is we often get MORE than they are predicting!!! :)


It looks like La Nina is checking up on us again as we are about to start another heliskiing in BC season. Come heliski with us this winter for some epic conditions that you can only get by ski héliporté!

Level 1’s New Ski Movie ‘After Dark’ Filmed At Great Canadian Heli-Skiing!

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Heck yeah!! We’ve been in numerous magazines recently (eg SKIING Magazine et Fri Flyt) , but we are super stoked to find out that a small part of Level 1‘s AWESOME new ski movie “After Dark” was filmed here at Great Canadian Héli-Ski last winter!! Check out the trailer below …I’m guessing there’s a couple seconds from 00:58 filmed here. This was part of the UA MTN photoshoot (see funny article about the shoot in Freeskier Magazine: http://freeskier.com/stories/going-canadian-tanner-rainville-and-great-under-armour-heli-experience).