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Humble Al

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Some might call Alison Dakin a pioneer.  Some might describe her experiences as epic.  Some might go so far as to say she’s a living legend.  But if you ask Alison you’re not going to hear much about any of it. Alison is as humble as they come.  She grew up just south of Golden… Read more »

Stan “Power Tool” Metcalfe

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Stan. Stan Metcalf.  Power Tool.  GCH Ski Guide.  Physiotherapist. Stan is the epitome of professional ski bumming.  Heading into his 5th season of guiding with GCH, he’s found a way to make skiing full time work for his family and bank account in the small Town of Golden, BC.  With his alter ego as a… Read more »

The champion

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Meet James. He is a truly dedicated and exceptional individual, a Paralympian athlete, a World championship medalist, a U.S. National Champion…and a fierce heli-skiier! He is one of the truly extraordinary people we get to meet each season at Great Canadian Heli-Skiing. This is his inspiring story. James’ leg was broken in a snowmobile accident when he… Read more »