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Train Like a Guide! The Ultimate Heli-Ski Workout.

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Ever wonder how our guides get in top shape for the heli-skiing season? Their workout routines are designed to get those ski muscles primed for unlimited vertical. So we asked our guide Stan “The Power Tool” Metcalfe to give us a demo of what he recommends for a great heli-ski workout. As a physiotherapist, this guy knows… Read more »

Could you Repeat That?!

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Every summer, guides of Great Canadian Heli-Skiing head to the backcountry to make sure our heli programs run smoother than a glacier run on a bluebird day. That means anything from brush clearing, scoping out new heli pads to retrieving runaway skis, bâtons, or snowboards. In our most recent round of backcountry maintenance, lead guide Rob found… Read more »

Un été d'héli!

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Du combat des feux de forêts au déplacement des animaux, la flotte d'hélicoptères Écureuils de Silverking qui nous fournit le vertical illimité en hiver restent occupés en été. Que font-ils ? Nous l'apprenons du propriétaire de Silverking, Ryan Hinds. Here’s his breakdown of the top three activities these machines… Read more »